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Dried Fruits

Soft Products



Dried Apricot journey starts in the world’s leading apricot growing city Malatya which realizes 65% of the world’s Dried Apricot production.

Carefully selected fresh apricots are sun-dried, calibrated and specially processed in our factories.  Available as; Whole, Diced and Paste.

Our delicious raisins grow in the lush yards of the Northern Aegean region of Turkey. We specially process our raisins; double washed and laser scanned.

Sultanas Raisins have colour from lightest No.10 to darkest No.8.

No.9 is a mix of light and dark colours.

Also, Undipped Sultanas, reffered as “Thompson Raisins” are available.

Our nutritious figs are from the Aegean region of the Turkey. Known as “Smyrna” figs, this variety is only grown in city Aydin which makes our delicious figs special. Dried figs processed and graded to meet the highest quality standards.

Our figs are carefully shaped and packed by our experienced staff to give them the most appealing look.

Shaped and Packed as; Lerida, Pulled, Protoben, Garland, Baglama.

Available as; Whole, Diced and Paste.

Our delicious hazelnuts grow in the lush fields of the Black Sea region. Our country is the leading hazelnut producer in the world, producing 67% of the world’s hazelnuts.

Available in all forms; Raw, Roasted, Blanched, Diced, Sliced, Meal and Paste