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Human Resources


Why Nimeks?

As Nimeks our goal is to work on focusing improvements which are needed by new World with our all dynamic, sensitive collegues that create values.

As Human Resources our goal is founding teams that focusing on improvements which are answering the new World  requirements. We support our teams’ achievements in their career journeys.

Our target is making work our all teams as one team. We do our best to achieve the benefits of the advantages that food World creates by our customers, collegues, friends and business partners.

Nimeks is decisive about being an excellent work place.

The culture of company and employee satisfaction is our red line.

We would like to reshape our experience steps with the human focused design principles while investigating applications that suits our cultural approach of our company.

While collecting our collegues’ point of views, we are intent to plan and apply our action plans.

To achieve our goal, which is to create flawless employee experience for all our collegues in Nimeks, we do some analyses also to see and fullfill our deficient areas.


Crerating Human Resources Management Systems that will carry the companys vision and creating difference with human resources applications.


Employing correct person to correct job. Evaluating our human resource efficiently, contributing their education and improvement, increasing their loyalty to company and pave the way for their career to make difference within human resource applications.


Founding the suitable systems with goals and strategies of Nimeks. Having effect to create sustainable competition.


Employee Hand Book and Rules Of Business Ethics

You can download the document of employee handbook and rules of business ethics to read.


Recruitment and Placement

We apply the competency based and suitable to job discription interview tecniques. Our policy is to employ the people who adopt the social values and have the potencial of improvement also ability to work in team.

Performance Assessment System

The performance assessment being apply one time in a year to all our colleagues.

Salary and Fringe Benefits

Participating in market investigations, we determine our salary policy based on the solvency.

Education and Improvement

As Nimeks, the educations  are being held mandatory or optional by both from local and outsource. These educations;

These educations;

1. Oriantation
2. Professional
3. Workers Health and Safety
4.Quality and Food Safety

Proceeding with continuously learning and improvement principle, our company purposes to achieve the goals maintaining with modern ways and technologies.